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Robyn and Octavio – A Boca Beach Club Wedding

4th Avenue Photography (, Robyn and Octavio…  We go way back, we have worked together on projects for Lululemon and their own fitness company Octfit ( so it made sense that they came to us as their first choice for their wedding photography.

The setting was the beautiful Boca Beach Club in Boca Raton.  We loved the simplicity of the affair, a 10am service on the beach followed by the reception at the club with brunch.  It was all over by 3pm leaving the guests to enjoy all of what the Boca Beach Club has to offer. 🙂

Taking photos on the beach in the noon day sun in Florida is tricky, the light is blinding.  Polarizing filters and camera mounted flashes are essential for the job, expose for the sky and hit them with light is the trick.  We used Canon 5D MKIII for the job with Canon 24-70mm lenses.   Perfect? See for yourself 🙂

Congratulations Robyn & Octavio!

elizebeth + adam – engagement photo shoot.

This shoot took quite a bit of planning  and deception from this pro photographer.  We received a call from a friend of Adam explaining he would like to propose to his girlfriend and she was to have no idea that it was about to happen.  This in itself is  not unusual but this time we were going to be part of the conspiracy…

994A5585I arranged a photo shoot on Juno beach with Elizabeth on the pretense that the shots were going to used for an upcoming yoga exhibition and


Adam would arrive on the beach unexpectedly and propose…  Theplan worked perfectly 🙂 and we got some great yoga shots during a spectacular sunrise and one of the most romantic proposals we have captured.

For you techies out there this is how we did it…
Canon mk3 with 24-105mm lens, exposing for the sky in ever changing sunrise light with 2 Canon 600ex speedlites on my near and far right triggered remotely – 1/100 sec, f9.0, ISO800.
Matt Sturgess
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Linda + Sean – Two weddings in one day. The Abacoa Golf Club, Jupiter, FL.

“We have a challenge for the right photographer” said the voice on the other end of the phone…  A Vietnamese ceremony on the morning and a traditional western wedding in the afternoon. Sean and Linda celebrated twice in style, the wedding in the morning was full of Vietnam style and tradition, the giving of traditional gifts including a pig, honoring their ancestors and formal introductions and welcomes to the family.

The afternoon was a blast, the bride is a self confessed Star Wars nut and it showed.  After a beautiful Catholic ceremony the bride and groom entered the dining room at The Abacoa Golf Club, Jupiter, FL to an honor guard of lightsabers complete with a Star Wars inspired cake and decorations. A day full of love, fun and a little geeky fantasy.

Matt Sturgess
4th Avenue Photography & Video LLC
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Roxy + Justin – Sundy House, Delray Beach FL

A truly international affair at the Sundy House, Delray Beach.

Roxy and Justin met as students at college in Miami and sealed their future together on this wonderful day.   Family and friends flew in from all over the globe to attend including a whole family from China.  The ceremony was as original as they come with a mixture of eastern, western and jewish traditions (including Chinese dragons) were hired to provide Portraits before the wedding, rehearsal dinner coverage as well as coverage of the whole day in total we took over 2000 photographs.  As always we left Roxy and Justin and their families a priceless collection of memories for the future.

Matt Sturgess
4th Avenue Photography & Video LLC
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Beth and Ted – Boca Raton Wedding.

Beth and Ted are great friends of our, it’s always a great compliment to be asked to photograph a friends wedding!  The day was perfect at the Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club, Boca Raton.  A little shade in the Florida sunshine and a gentle breeze to cool the family and guests.

A couple of week before they posed for a portrait session, Ted & Beth Print 1-01we wanted to come up with something a little humorous. Why not pull off something that everybody will recognize, a movie poster!  ‘Star Wars’?  Nope, ‘Gone with the Wind’? Too cheesy…  How about pretty woman?!  This is what we came up with, a pretty good portrait for the wedding, and memory for the future.

The wedding was a great affair, great food and dancing.  Ted strutting his stuff on the dane floor with Beth Looking like an excited school girl having the time of her life at the best path of her life, we loved it.

Matt Sturgess
4th Avenue Photography & Video LLC
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maria + douglas

Maria and I met a week before the wedding to go through the details, it was simple… “Matt, I just want to record the memories just do what you need to do”  this is music to my ears.

The wedding took place at a family house in deepest Delray Beach, lovely gardens and a huge marquee was erected at the last moment (that morning) as it was never going to be a typical florida sunny afternoon.

We definitely hit the mark with this wedding, remote strobe flash guns, two cameras and we delivered over 400 photographs, take a look at some of my favorite picks here…

Maria agreed… “Thank you Matt for all the great photographs, I’m so excited!! We can’t stop looking at them …

Matt Sturgess
4th Avenue Photography & Video LLC
Studio. 561 819 4561
Cell. 561 860 0318


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4th Ave Photography & The Naked Hair Salon – Delray Beach

Saying ” I Do, Naturally” wedding experience launched by NAkeD Hair Salon and their Eco – Chic Partners at the I Do! Delray Beach Destination Wedding Weekend Event.

Weddings are celebrations of love and joy but there is some exciting wedding news afoot in Delray Beach, Fl., naturally. Naturally was the theme presented at the recent 2nd annual I Do ! Delray Beach Destination Weekend event by the Eco-Chic team ofInternationally acclaimed Delray Eco salon, NAkeD Hair Salon’s creative directors and their over the top dream co-team of natural floral expressions by Tailored Twig and 4th Avenue Photography, the amazing eyes behind exquisite wedding photography.

This 2nd annual, I Do! , Delray Beach Destination Weekend held at historic DelrayBeach Center for the Arts at Old Square and the Hyatt Place Hotel was the perfect backdrop to display the talents of this dynamic, dream wedding team to show off their natural beauty artistry for hair, make-up, floral expressions, and photography.

Janine & Adam Shuman, Professional Hair & Makeup Artist, owners of eco-chic Green Salon, NAKeD Hair, Darin Bahl the visionary behind the Tailored Twig and Matt Sturgess, the talent behind 4th Ave Photography are the wizards of this convergence of passion for art, fashion, and nature focused on enhancing the natural beauty of the bride, wedding party and the entire joyous wedding celebration.

At the I Do! Delray Destination Weekend Event, the NAKeD team directed by owners

Janine & Adam Shuman, unveiled a collection of beach bridal styles complimented by the distinctive organic floral designs of the Tailored Twig and photographed by 4th Ave Photography. Their Eco-Chic package of wedding hair, makeup, fashion consulting, natural flowers and photography was a show stopper; “our mission is to offer our personalized services to brides and grooms seeking to celebrate their special day in a natural effortless style at the beach, backyard or favo994A1600-Editrite “I Do!” place, commented Janine Shuman.

The Eco-Chic team, Creative Directors Janine Shuman, Adam Shuman, Darin Bahl, and Matt Surgess, are committed to making this year’s beach wedding events one that goes down in downtown Delray history. “We invite our loyal sponsors, fans and press to join in making Delray as the Eco-Chic wedding destination in South Florida.” shared Adam Shuman, “after all, love is a natural occurrence to rejoice and we look forward to creating your memorable Eco-Chic wedding celebration”