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Product Photography – Juices and Soups

Commercial Product Photographer - Matt Sturgess
Commercial Product Photographer – Matt Sturgess

Take a look at our latest and greatest product photography shoot for  Ben Fox, the founder of My Organic Juice, came to us asking can we make these juices ‘pop’!  He had tried the green screen route with another photographer and thing didn’t work out…  With the help of lot’s of acrylic, specialist Savage paper, black card, rulers, a very steady tripod and lot’s of patience we came up with the images!

If you’re asking how we got the labels exactly right, check back another time and we’ll tell you how we did it! 🙂

Matt Sturgess – www.4thavephoto.comAll-juices-number-order soups Group-Shot-1 ginger strawberry joy superfood carrot and ginger veggie bone broth young thai coconut

Product Photography with Kaoir Cosmetics

Kaoir cosmetics is fast becoming an iconic brand in the US with founder and designer Keisha Kaoir at the helm.  They came to the Delray Beach studio us for photography of their latest line of matte lipsticks and lip pencils.

Commercial Photography – Fashion Photographer for The House Of Perna

The House of Perna is the creation of Project Runway contestant Amanda Perna.  They approached us to cover 2 fashion show and to provide the photography for the upcoming look book for their 2015 spring collection.

Fashion, runway shows, look books, webpage images plus getting all of the photos edited and sized everyone’s skin looks beautiful and the hair is perfect, makeup applied and 10 people in the studio at one point last Saturday…  It’s been a busy couple of weeks and we haven’t even swept up yet!

Take a look at this speeded up clip from the last shoot, 5 hours preparation and shooting in 30 seconds…


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Meet the new Lululemon Ambassadors for 2014

It’s that time again, Lululemon time!  Every year we spans a week following the Lululemon Ambassadors to to the gyms and yoga studios to capture them in action.  The photos are used for commercial and promotional materials, you can also see them on the walls of the Boca Town Center mall.

The ambassador program celebrates individuals that ‘give back’ to the local community

This year our Lulu ambassadors were…

Octavio CiFuentes, Corbin Stacy, Gabby Schlicht, Christine Lewis, Stefanie Gross, Lesley Glickman


Until next year, NAMASTE 🙂

Matt Sturgess
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How to photograph the Invisible Man! – Product Photography – Strong Boalt Menswear of Palm Beach

Strong Boalt Palm Beach ( approached us with a challenge.  A new range of a dozen mens tops needed product photography and they needed to look great.

Dark-Blue-Turtle-2Clothing photography is always a tricky beast, obviously everything has to be lit but the colors have to be right it a lot of backwards and forwards with the strobes in the studio.  It has to be bang in focus, I like to use a high f-stop but again that means using a large amount of light so a couple of Paul C Buff Alien Bee’s sorted that out.  Then there is the cloths themselves, they always arrive at our Delray Beach studio in a box in their plastic wrappings folded (sort of) and WRINKLED.  How do you hang them? Pin them? Position them?     We haven’t taken a single shot yet…

So go on then, how do you do it?  Photograph the invisible man? We managed it, no cables or fancy stuffing involved either.  Just a bit of out of the box thinking and some clever photoshopping.

If you would like to know, drop me a line and I’ll spill the beans 😉

Matt Sturgess
4th Avenue Photography & Video LLC
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