Robyn and Octavio – A Boca Beach Club Wedding

4th Avenue Photography (, Robyn and Octavio…  We go way back, we have worked together on projects for Lululemon and their own fitness company Octfit ( so it made sense that they came to us as their first choice for their wedding photography.

The setting was the beautiful Boca Beach Club in Boca Raton.  We loved the simplicity of the affair, a 10am service on the beach followed by the reception at the club with brunch.  It was all over by 3pm leaving the guests to enjoy all of what the Boca Beach Club has to offer. 🙂

Taking photos on the beach in the noon day sun in Florida is tricky, the light is blinding.  Polarizing filters and camera mounted flashes are essential for the job, expose for the sky and hit them with light is the trick.  We used Canon 5D MKIII for the job with Canon 24-70mm lenses.   Perfect? See for yourself 🙂

Congratulations Robyn & Octavio!